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กำลังมองหาโอกาสใหม่ๆ ส่ง Resume พร้อมแนบผลงานและเงินเดือนที่ต้องการส่งมาให้เรา


Job Descriptions & Responsibilities:
· Design and develop and improve application software programs.
· Participate in collecting information for documents related to the use of computer programs.
· Document the use and maintenance of all software and programs.
· Ensure quality of products and services according to standards, processes and procedures.
· Perform various tests on products and services.
· Use good programming techniques to ensure a stable web environment.

· Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field.
· At least 3 years of experience with WordPress and web design.
· Proficient in ASP, PHP, JS
· Proficient in CSS, Responsive web development.
· Proficient in CMS (Content management)
· Good understanding of DB statements.
· Proficient in graphic editor.
· Ability to learn new programming languages.
· Good command English

Job Descriptions & Responsibilities:

· Working closely with the sales team on proposals
· Analyze proposed solution and recommend Hardware, Software, Service included Maintenance Support
· Design overall system architecture for enterprise applications
· Coordinate with Technical Team and be able to provide knowledge for customers
· Coordinate with sales teams to prepare proposal and present solution to customers
· Advise offering products/solutions to customers/prospects
· Study and understand new products and solutions with related competitors
· Lead & manage POC test to demonstrate product feature to customer
· Work with clients (management, IT, end users) to gather high-level business and
· system requirements and translate them into project scope, timeline and resource plans
· Managing all communications with respect to the team

· Bachelor Degree or higher in computer engineering, computer science, Software Engineer or any IT related fields
· Minimum 3 years experiences in IT software-based solutions such as network security (Intrusion Detection, Firewall, VPN, and related technologies) or Network and Systems management solutions.
· Experiences in Technical consult or Services & Support, Storage, Backup solution and Network & Security Skills
· Be able to identify product differentiate, provide advice and consult for both Hardware & Software product
· Strong technical acumen (information security and technology, technology services, networking)
· Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
· Good English Skill (Reading, Speaking and Writing)
· If have experience in Network security, Cyber security will be advantage

Job Descriptions & Responsibilities:
· Responsible for annual sales target.
· Identify and develop new customers for products and services.
· Directly manage major and critical developing client accounts
· Preparation, issuance, and delivery of sales materials, exhibits, and promotion programs.
· Monitor and analyze sales and marketing activity against sales target
· Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of sales, methods, costs, and results.
· Responsible for the development of new project proposals.
· Be a strong sales hunter, maintain & foster longstanding client relationships

· Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in IT, Telecommunications or any related fields
· At least 3 years working experience in handle institutional sales for call center, CRM applications to government and private enterprise
· Experiences selling complex software-based solutions such as network security (Intrusion Detection, Firewall, VPN, and related technologies) or Network and Systems management solutions
· Experience in sale planning and execution. Knowledge of contracting
· Understand telephony products, call center operations, CRM applications
· Work requires professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
· Ability to participate in and lead the group meeting with customer and vendor.
· Good command in English
· If have experience in Network or Network security will be advantage

Job Descriptions & Responsibilities:
· Design, implement and maintain network infrastructure (router, switch, firewall, load balancer) including software-defined networks.
· Understand and be able to study and apply new technology to support business requirements.
· Monitor and optimize network performance for scalability, reliability and usability including provide network performance report and maintain network monitoring tool.
· Coordinate with other infrastructure team to investigate problem those related to network.

· High vocational certificate or Bachelor’s degree in Computer or IT related field.
· Experience at least 1-2 years in Network system devices, PABX and related peripheral
· Strong technical skills in PC Hardware & Software Installation, User support, and trouble shooting
· Monitor, maintain and solve problem of IP Telephony ,LAN/WAN network
· Support user to deliver service, advice and troubleshooting
· Logging and keeping records of user queries
· Server and client project base execution and backup system for disaster recovery
· Excellent service mind with outstanding professionalism, and communication skills
· Fair in spoken and written in English

Job Descriptions & Responsibilities:
· Implementation and maintenance of server in Data Center, Infrastructure, storage hardware, including LAN and WAN services.
· Provided 2nd level of support as well as supervise help desk team.
· Troubleshooting system and network problems, diagnosing and solving hardware/software faults.
· Performs related duties as required; new digital technology to support Thailand 4.0/Cyber security

· Male / Female
· Age 25 – 35 Years Old.
· Bachelor’s degree or higher in IT Engineering or Computer Science or IT related field.
· At least 3 year experience in IT Engineering.
· Programming skill in JAVA. PHP, RPG, ABAP, etc.
· Active Directory / DNS /DHCP Server.
· Operating System: Windows server
· Good human relation, service mind support.
· Have some knowledge in general software such as Microsoft office (word, Excel, Power point) etc.
· English spoken, written, read. Able to report in English
· Good understanding in computer networking, server technology and virtualization.
· If have knowledge in Japanese language will be advantaged.


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